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The babes who helped me create Salty Kids Adventures Co… I’m a mama of 6 And I created this brand with my own mom for my 5 autistic babes. I didn’t know my kids had autism until my 3rd child Liam (5) was diagnosed as non verbal after seeing his signs and learning about autism. I decided to have MacKenna (9) and Kamden (7) tested and sure enough they were diagnosed with Autism. When those words hit to my ears it made my whole heart sink and my mind began to race on how I could help them achieve every goal they set. As time went on I soon Found out that Kamden also has ADHD and MacKenna has dyslexia. I then had Ryder (4) , Milo (2) and Taytum (1) and sure enough Ryder and Milo both have ASD as well with Milo’s being a little more severe he is completely Non Verbal and only I can really understand him. A thing with children on the spectrum and with (SPD) sensory processing disorder they tend to only like feels of certain clothing types and that’s why my mother and I decided to open Salty Kids Adventure. The name behind it was inspired by my mother who loves going to the beach and my kids enjoy going with her and seeing them together play on the happiest place on earth makes my heart whole. It give them a space to run free and be them! Each design you see in salty kids is hand picked by each one of these kiddos and it lights their whole world seeing your babes in things that designed. So with that I wanna thank each and one of you for supporting Salty Kids Adventures.